Other Research Initiatives

Cases Published

D V Ramana The power shift: will it help? Micro privatization of power distribution business in Emerald’s Emerging Markets Case Studies - 2015
M N Tripathi 'SwacchOdisha - A case on attempt in to inculcate healthy sanitation practices in rural Odisha - Sage Publications, Lahore University of Management Sciences, Asian Journal of Management Cases, Vol 12, No.2, Sept. 2015, ISSN 0972-8201 January 2015
Pradeep Mishra Sikshasandhan: Funding Challenges and Mission Drift, Asian Case Research Journal Singapore - 2015

Working Papers

Amrit Amlan Pattanaik The Neo Indian Wave: Digital Filmmaking, Distribution & Indie Cinema
On Panels & Pictures: Locating Spatio-temporality in the graphic works of Sarnath Banerjee
Bhaskar Basu Perception of online social networks among University Students
Bhaskar Basu Measuring and Evaluating KM Effectiveness in an Organization: An Exploratory Case Study
Dasgupta Krishna Marketing approach to Indian Politics: A Case Study
SoumyaGuha Deb & BanikantaMisra Assessing the role of median portfolios in value-premium and size-premium
SoumyaGuha Deb Downside Risk Analysis of Indian Equity Mutual Funds in the Pre and Post Global Financial Crisis Periods Using A Value At Risk Framework