22nd - 23rd September, 2017

A Report

Xavier Institute of Management at Xavier University celebrates 30 years of distinguished service in the field of academics, business and to the society. As we look back in history, this landmark has been through the collaborative efforts of the management, faculty, students and the entire Xavier fraternity.

Business Excellence Summit 2017

This is an occasion for the institute to reflect over the past, celebrate the present and share our vision for the future.

The celebration intends to bring together alumni from all walks of business with the hope of creating an amalgamation of ideas which make the next leg of the journey even more exciting. This is an opportunity to interact, celebrate, discuss, reflect and collaborate.

Exploratory Discussion Topics

  • XIMB at 40, as we celebrate 30 years we also want to plan on how the next 10 years would look like. This is the platform to create our vision for the future of the Institute.
  • Changing landscape of management education in today's world and what the future holds