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25th Annual IAJBS World Forum / 1st CJBE South Asia Regional Meeting

25th Annual IAJBS World Forum / 1st CJBE (ASIA) Regional Meeting

" Innovate and Flourish "

was held from 21st - 24th July, 2019

Xavier University Bhubaneswar

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The 25th World Forum of IAJBS, celebrating its Silver Jubilee, has included ‘Flourishing’ as an integral part of the conference theme as the perspectives on ‘Flourishing’ provide a wider canvas to draw the images of sustainable development which have hitherto been limited to economic growth and profit.

As Aristotle opines, ‘flourishing requires a life with other people,’ and it is essential for achieving ’natural excellence and happiness,’ the hallmark of true development. The concept of flourishing is also used to include, besides human flourishing, ecological flourishing. Since ‘flourishing requires a life with people’ and nature, the growing culture of innovations should be used as a thread to weave the web of life.

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