Major Events organized by the committee:

    Published Maxpress on the latest happenings in the marketing world; hosted the annual marketing conclave “MERCATIQUE”, featuring speakers such as Mr. Sujoy Chakraborty, Mr. Bidyut Nath and Ms. Madhu Joshi.

    Conducted disguised market research for Prime Agro for products in the Pickle category; Conducted Market research for MoneyforHealth client; Conducted events like MPower, Brandstorm, Brandwarz, Creative Salvation ensuring maximum participation & cash prizes.

    Organized immersion courses and workshops on topics like “Pricing Management”, “Behavioural Architecture” and “Thriving not just surviving in International Cultures”.

  • X-FIN

    X-FIN in its endeavour to build the interest of the batch in the field of finance conducted various events: Budget Conclave for post Budget Analysis and an on campus quiz event, Bizzdom with 300 participants; Workshops were conducted on “Long Term Investing in Stock Market”, “Workshop on GST”, and “Dynamics of Hedge Fund”.

    Financial conclave, FINOMICS with the theme: Stratup Funding & Valuation Bubble: Is it the Beginning or the End?; annual magazine “Finshahtra” was launched during the conclave; an article writing competition FINANCIUS was also organised for the magazine; This year a financial discussion forum FINCHARCHA has been hosted on the committee’s social media sites; Game TRADEWARS that simulates the working of the India stock market and commodities exchange, Altimetrik, Equity Research were floated for the students.

  • X-Ops

    X-Ops represents the operations and supply chain management enthusiasts of XIMB,XUB.

    Major events conducted this year were:

    • Opsession : – Quarterly magazine from the house of X-ops.
    • Opium: – An out of the box article writing/poster designing competition organized.
    • Crack IT : – A knowledge sharing session jointly held by X-Ops the freshers develop insights to solving case studies.
    • Aarohan : – Induction program to introduce the freshres to business quizzing and realistic case study.
    • Ashwamedh 2016 : – The flagship event of X-Ops was held on the theme “Disruptive Innovation-In Operations Scenario”.release of the annual magazine “Ashwamedh” which covers various topics on operations Management and a white paper writing competition for students from B Schools all over India.
    • Nirnay : – The in house simulation game developed by the members of X-ops saw around 80 teams from colleges all over India participate.
    • Burnout : – The automotive quiz by team X-Ops.


    CONSTRAT, the Consulting and Strategy Consortium, is the forum for enhancing the consulting and strategy vigour of XUB.

    Major Events organized by the committee:

    • Stratonomics : A National level business conclave with the theme ‘Disruptive Innovation’ had the panelist share their views on “Factors Affecting Innovation in Indian Business scenario”. White Paper event CONSILIUM 16, was organized and CONSTRAT’s Annual Magazine STRATEGIST was launched. Distinguished speakers for Stratonomics included: Mr. Madan Mohapatra – Head, Customer Startegy, Future Group; Mr. Ashok Dash- Director, Microsoft Partner Business; Mr. Krishanu Chakarvarty – Business Head, Olam International; Mr. Suhel Bidani – Senior Program Officer, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
    • MAVEN : CONSTRAT’s flagship strategy and consulting competition saw over 125 teams from across India competing for glory; ZeneSys Case Study Challenge, Guesstimate, Case Czar, Sector Analysis, Markcon were hosted by Constrat.
  • XSYS – The Systems Association

    Xpressions 2016 : During Xpressions’16, XSYS had organised the national-level events “Parikrama” and “Case Connect”. Parikrama’16 was an online treasure hunt event and Case Connect was a case study competition for a case provided by the company Airtel.

    Xquizzite : XSYS in association with Xquizzite, conducted “QuizWiz – The Systems Quiz” which saw huge participation from the students of XIMB, XUB.

    Xigabytes : XSYS is organising the annual gaming event, “Xigabytes” in March which would be an intra-college event.

    X-ITE : XSYS’s exclusive magazine “X-ITE” bringing out the latest happenings in the industry was launched.

  • RMAX

    Major events conducted this year were:

    RMAX the functional committee for Rural Management students conducted the first event of the academic calendar - “Arijit Ghosh Memorial Award annual quiz” held in the memory of its former coordinator Arijit Ghosh (1984-2011) took place on 1st July, 2016. 72 groups of two participated in the quiz; Prayas 2016 : included Smriti, a photography competition and Vichaar, an article writing competition.

    Abhivyakti ’16 : The annual rural managers’ conclave, on the theme: ‘How Third Parties Can Improve CSR Processes’ and ‘Rural Market – Tapping Opportunities at the Bottom of the Pyramid’; Abhigyaan – RMAX launched a weekly newsletter on current affairs in rural India.

    Dhwani : The annual magazine of RMAX was released on 30th September, 2016 bearing the theme “Tapping Rural India and its Skills”.

    ThotBox : helping students across all courses learn and understand important and ongoing issues through documentary screening followed by student interaction-two films were screened: “Taxi Driver” and “Kya Dilli, Kya Lahore” dealing with moral rights and effects of war or disaster.

    Gramotsava ’16 : The rural marketing fair and the annual flagship event of RMAX was held at Niali, Cuttack district. The RM students promoted products primary research, secondary research, baseline survey, feasibility analysis and brand promotional activities.


    CASE IN POINT : XIMAHR - The HR association organised the HR Case study challenge during Xpression, 2016

    KSHITIJ ’16 :: A national level HR Conclave where eminent Industry experts in the field of HR provided the students with exposure to the industry challenges in the field of HR; a national level Summer Internship competition for the HR students with participation from esteemed B-Schools like IMI Delhi, XLRI Jamshedpur and XIMB was run in close collaboration with the National HRD Network;

    Article Writing Competition : A national article writing competition was conducted in the field of HR. Cash prizes and certificates were awarded for the same.

    HR Mantra : HR Mantra, HR Business Quiz, in association with Society of Human Resource Management was organised on 14th Oct’ 2016

    JAM '16 : An event to kick start the new MBA-HRM batch of 2016-2018.

  • ConXerv

    Parivartan : Annual Business Conclave was convened on the 11th September 2016, with the theme “Sustainable Design Thinking and Revolution”; Guests from GE, Maruti Suzuki and Dr. Reddys’ Laboratories, held interaction sessions with the students; Certification programs by (1) GRI G4- Provided by CII-ITC, Centre for Excellence on Sustainable Development and (2) ISO 14064- Provided by Bureau Veritas; Workshops by (1) GRI - Event partnered with GRI India (3rd October 2016)

    LCA Workshop : Event partnered with Thinkstep Sustainable Solutions India; Debate Competition “Topic- Public participation in promoting Integrity and Eradicating Corruption' to observe vigilance week” with SBI as event partner.

    Mould to Hold : During Xpressions the committee hosted- Mould to Hold- Fun art and craft using waste materials and the articles were provided to an orphanage.

    Daabe Ke Andar Socho : Quiz on XIMBs legacies.

    Samarth : Annual green business case study competition ( with our knowledge partner Vital Watts).