2nd Annual Research on Cities Summit (ARCS)

August 2017, Xavier University Bhubaneswar


XCUMG invited researchers, academics, students and professionals working in the urban domain to share their research, cases and experiences at the 2nd ARCS. The Smart Small Cities conference invites papers, cases, good practices and reflections on the trajectories, initiatives, experiences and learnings on the state and growth of small and smart cities.

The critical role of small and medium cities (SMCs) in regional development, and their criticality for balanced and sustainable urbanization, and essential socio-economic and infrastructural goals, has received much less attention than the larger urban areas. This Conference directs attention to their status and issues, and the approaches, initiatives and policy possibilities for this emerging frontier in ensuring a sustainable urban future. Papers, cases and reports of good practices are invited on the spectrum of relevant themes including growth and development, governance, finance, Infrastructure, urban systems and services, and peri-urban and rurban transformation. Selected papers and best practices will be published in a peer reviewed Book/Special Issue of an International journal. The best papers and case studies will be considered for the ARCS-Annual Urban Research Awards (ARCS-AURA). Further details may be viewed at after Jan 30th, 2017.