Inauguration of NABARD Chair Unit, 2015

[From Left to Right; Shri M. V. Ashoka, Chief General Manager, DEAR, NABARD, Dr. Amar KJR Nayak, NABARD Chair Professor & Professor of Strategy, and Fr. (Dr.) Paul Fernandes, SJ, Vice Chancellor, Xavier University Bhubaneswar and Director, XIMB]

NABARD [NABARD] has instituted a Chair Professor Unit, supported under the Research and Development Fund of NABARD, at Xavier University, Bhubaneswar with the objective to undertake research and action research to develop Sustainable Community Systems (SCS) through GP Level producer organization/community enterprise system (CES), sustainable agriculture, ecosystem-community health, and sustainable governance at CES/GP level.

The action research on producer organizations supported by DEAR NABARD since 2009 has given much understanding on sustainable optimal design of producer organizations. There has been significant understanding of the internal design variables viz., size, scope, technology, management and ownership. The research has also helped in understanding optimal external linkages in terms of optimal market landscapes for best net incomes to the farmers/producers, limits of the institutional architecture of the producer organizations, and significance of convergence of different government schemes at the GP level Producer Organization.

In the above context and keeping in focus the NCU guidelines to research on Rural Livelihood, Climate change, Local Value addition, Marketing, etc, the NABARD Chair Unit at XIMB-XUB during 2015-18 proposes to undertake research and action research on the following areas viz., sustainable producer organization (community enterprise system - CES), sustainable agriculture, ecosystem-community health, and sustainable governance. This Chair Unit shall be building on the research output of NCU at XIMB during 2011-13

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